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- We are a professional membership web site and article directory, submission and publishing website. We offer you publishing services with loads of Web2.0 benefits to increase your web traffic now. We also offer you techniques of Top Gun online business programs & Personal Development programs via tons of videos and reviews. Our coaching programs can help you a lot in personal development, online business tactics & strategies, and teach you the trends in these fields


Dear Prospective Member & Visitor! IMPORTANT - Before you sign up, please read below:

First, thank you for visiting this web site! On May 3, 2008, ArticleNorth opened the door to our brand new extended publishing and submission service website, ArticleNorth/ArticleLive, from being online since 2006. ArticleNorth has now become a CMS* Membership website - AND you can of course submit as much content as you want!  

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Check out this sample piece with three new benefits. First, watch a jaw-dropping video on Millionaire dropouts in the article body. Secondly you can download a pod cast to listen to by SupplementMillions on setting up your business. You will also get a FREE Ebook by TrafficTactics on their exact mass traffic formula. They used this to make millions of dollars per month. These are a few of the technical benefits that you can use free with your own submissions from now on with our new CMS directory. Click here for instant access and sign up click here

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You will almost have your "own" website, but without the hassle or costs of hosting it, building, designing and maintaining it. You just submit your content.

Editing of Your Posts

The "What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get"-editor, makes it very simple to add formatting and images to your posts. You can add videos, affilate offers, product catalogs, pod casts, ebooks, files, photos and pictures. We will take care of the rest including advertising and marketing of your submissions!  

At Your Service

You will get so many more benefits and features that you would want as an advertiser, publisher, writer or blogger than with the majority of the regular publishing services. We provide you with the absolutely best and cutting-edge Content Management System and Services on the Internet. 

Increase Your Web Traffic NOW!

This includes Web2.0. What is Web2.0? It is practically necessary to survive on the newer Internet. We also provide you with 24 hour publishing. A real human being reviews your items manually, one by one. Yes, that is right. A real professional editor will review all of your posts and other content manually! Read on...     

You Are On the Main Page At No Extra Charge

  • You can upload pod casts, pdf files, ebooks and product catalogs, photos and pictures or videos with your post. You can put a video in the body of your writing. You can also post multiple pages in one piece of writing. You can syndicate any item or categories (we provide extensive rss and syndication options). We also provide search engine friendly links with all of your items, among other things. You can also put one active links in the body of your content. All of this is possible, as long as you follow our submission guidelines here.

  • You will be able to create posts about your product or affiliate offer. You will also be able to write your pieces, blog posts and news with our new Content Management System* (CMS) that is extremely flexible. By the way, to post News for display on our added homepage is free of charge! You can publish articles, blog posts, an online newspaper, a school scrapbook - you use your own creativity and imagination. We also ping all of your blog posts to, and regularly 

  • Upload a pod cast with your posts. You will now be able to upload a pod cast with your posts. This is an extremely valuable option for both you and your visitors and customers, if you are looking for to give them that extra mile of value about your information. This will also give them an invaluable option to listen to your material elsewhere, besides the computer. This in itself will certainly add that extra little something to your post, which will take your stuff and business one-step further immediately. It can be an interview with a mentor, coach or writer. It can be a recorded teleclass or seminar, or a piece of music for your visitors. The choice is solely yours and nobody else's.
  • You can also put a video file in the body of your post and upload an ebook in a pdf format. Imagine the possibilities for you, your business, readers and customers with these benefits! As long as the content follow our submission guidelines here

These are just a very few of the many benefits that you'll get. Learn more about all of the benefits, for how to increase your web site traffic here. We will always publish your material no later than 24 hours/one business day guaranteed (except global time differences) AND every one of your pieces are always edited and reviewed manually, one by one, by a real live person. Yep, that is right; there is no automated publication at!

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    View a sample article with 3 NEW benefits for you with our brand-new system: A jaw-dropping video on Millionaire drop-outs in the article body, a podcast to listen to or download by SupplementMillions on setting up your business + a FREE downloadable Ebook by TrafficTactics on their exact mass traffic formula they have used for 7 years to generate millions of dollars per month. These examples will show you some of the technical benefits that you can use for free with your own articles from now on with our new system, click here.



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    - We offer the best quality Internet publishing service, now having 68,000+ published items, which are edited in 632 categories. Other benefits include full exposure of the item and links for an entire month on the main page. We are also a membership site and provider of a virtual collection of high quality online business information and teachings via tons of videos and reviews of top quality business programs and insider's information, difficult to find collected in one single place. We are also a provider of insider’s information on personal development by the world’s foremost personal development coaches.All of these coaching programs can help you a lot in personal development and online business strategies and tactics and teach you the trends in these field.

     The services of can be availed Worldwide and in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, India, Australia, and Asia.



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