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- We are a professional article directory and submission website. We offer you article directory submission services and techniques of Top Gun business programs & Personal development programs via tons of videos and reviews. Our coaching programs can help you a lot in personal development, business tactics & strategies, and teach you the trends in these fields.

Our Goal and Benefits

Article Marketing and SEO
1. ArticleNorth directory is a very young but fast growing service provider. When you submit your articles with us, your articles are not only published on our website and directory, which is great by the way to get back links to your own site. Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, Yahoo, Alexa and many other search engines over time, also syndicate them.

All of this is made possible by our "white hat" organic SEO, and tracking and traffic analytics that takes place on a continuous basis. This means that we do not do "black hat" SEO, or cloaking, but build our search engines exposure naturally, which means that your articles will never be banned by Google in that respect.

1.1 What does this have to do with you more than that? It means that when you look at the figures above, you have to consider the amounts of existing and therefore competing websites in the US Internet market alone. "/.../ we arrive at 29.7 billion web pages (notice pages not sites) on the World Wide Web as of February 2007" ( According to's researches and survey's, the websites has been growing by 7.6 million over the last month alone. I just heard on a teleconference with Alex Mandossian ( the other day that in the US alone, there are 105,000,000 (million) websites as of now.

This in turn means that it can be extremely difficult to make your website visible on the Internet if you do not know how. The problem is not to have a website, but to make it visible, and to get traffic and prospects to go to your website. In relation to, this means that when you submit your articles and information to our directory, they will not only be available on our web site, but they will also be syndicated with all of the major search engines by the SE spider's that visits every day. They visit our website several times every day due to the never-ending SEO activities that takes place at's back office daily.

1.2 To speak figuratively, the SE spiders really appreciate SEO work activities and they really love rich content - it is like food to them, therefore they will crawl a website like that over and over again, which pushes the website forward in the search engines over and over again. In your case it means that your articles and your links also will be crawled over time, and therefore get the visibility that you would want on the Internet, so that other people and companies easily will be able to find your articles, products and services too.

ArticleNorth are not only doing SEO or search engine optimization for visibility, but are also advertising our web site on blogs, classifieds and forums, since the Internet presence outside of the search engines also is very important for exposure. Major search engines are known for changing their policies from time to time, therefore we advertise with all of the above medias regularly as well.
Your articles are also published in our publisher's own ezines, either permanent on their web sites (which is great for your link popularity and presence in the search engines) or as feeds, distributed by blogs that have hundreds and thousands of readers and subscribers all over the Internet.

This is in short the advantages of Article Marketing. It also means that it is important that your preferred article directory provider knows about, recognize all of these things, and take the proper actions. To learn even more about the many benefits of using ARTICLE NORTH directory, go here. This is also where you can read about our new credit point system and its benefits and features for you. You will also find this information below.


Articles Reviewed and Edited by a Real Human Being
2. Your articles are reviewed and edited by a professional real human being and NOT by computer software. There are several reasons why computer software should not be trusted to review, edit and submit an article:

a) A software do not determine which category best suits an article topic. b) Computer software does not determine whether an article is an article or just a blatant advertisement for a product. c) Computer software does not determine whether an article is optimized and if the title is the best suitable title. d) The computer softwareÙs today simply does not have the categorization capacity and awareness like the human mind, and cannot determine exactly what to do in any given situation.

There are numerous reasons why a human editor and publisher never can be replaced by computer software and the above are just a few examples.

We spend hours and hours reviewing, editing and submitting or declining your articles every day for the best possible result for your article's performance, both in the search engines and for other writers and publishers to want to reprint and put them on their sites, newsletters and ezines for yet others to read and reprint. This is the golden power wheel of Article Marketing in its essence, the articles go round and around, and your offers and services do too - and humanly edited articles, should therefore never be taken lightly.

3. Besides the back office work of the directory, you have access to free reprints of any of our articles. We have set a limit for this though, due to the misuse of this service. Therefore, the number of articles reprinted can be no greater than taking 25 articles from our site per calendar year per unique domain that you own. Click here for more information about this and the legal implications of not following these terms.

You also have free access to ArticleNorth's RSS feeds of any article category. You can place the RSS feed of the category that you have chosen on your own web page or blog for all of your visitors and customers to take part of. You also have free access to the html code of any article as well as in a text format, for your website and blog, AND you will be able to email any article instantly to a friend, by clicking a link. You will also have free access to real-time or weekly ezine publications of any of our 600+ categories, which can be sent to your inbox in real time.

This means that you can check a box for which articles categories you want to subscribe to (for free), and receive all of the new articles in that category when it is received and approved by us, which is then sent to your email inbox immediately. This is a fabulous ArticleNorth service, since it means that you can just sit back and do nothing, but watch your preferred articles coming to you free. You can use these articles in your newsletter or on your website, as long as you keep the resource box with the author's name and information links intact.

3.1 Just a few more words about the benefits mentioned earlier. The services mentioned above go two ways, since your articles will be used and seen by others. This means that your articles will be syndicated also on the Internet by other peopleÙs web sites and blogs besides the SE syndication of the ArticleNorth directory itself. This continuous”insider” job is taking place over time and for the long run. However, it can also be done quickly - sometimes when we need to change the copy of a particular web page at ArticleNorth for example; the results are showing up a day or two later on Google.

What this means to you, is that when you submit your articles every day or several days per week to our directory, it increases the article's performance and visibility on the Internet. Soon everybody will know about your items, because you are showing up everywhere on the Internet. We have authors who post 5-10 articles per day to our directory. They know about these processes. It is perhaps a rare example, but mentioned here to give you an idea of what is possible and actually done by some of the article writers at

4. We also give you free access to third party services as well, like Real time News with 14 different news categories, provided by This is because we want to give you easy access to different kinds of information and entertainment while you are browsing our website. Besides this, you also have access to 100's of videos in the personal development field and the online business field. You can view these videos on our web site, or if you choose, you can embed the videos on your own website.

The videos we exhibit are in most parts provided for us by and Some of the videos are from other sources, for example of different private online business programs and companies, mainly within the home business field in areas like health and wellness, how to start your own business online and in the personal development field. The programs and companies mentioned here represent the absolute top entrepreneurs online. ArticleNorth also gives profound reviews on certain products and services of particular interest within the fields mentioned above, that we have researched in depth, and that we recommend. This means that we have spent hours and hours of going through the program and investigated it from A to Z. Even so , is in no way liable for the results of any user's use of the program in question. It is up to each person to take action for his or her own results.

4.1 The video's we exhibit here is for information purposes only, and ArticleNorth is in no way liable for the content of the videos.'s intention with exhibiting these video's are for information purposes only, either to help you make more money offline or online, or to help you in the field of personal development. The reason that we find it valuable to exhibit the video's here at our site is so that you will be able to find reliable options easily. The reason for providing the video's here is also to save you time, compared to looking for these video's and options yourself, which can be a both time consuming and tedious job to do for most of us.

5. ArticleNorth's "Article of the Month" feature, is one of our other benefits, which gives you the author, the benefit of free publicity of one of your articles and information for an entire month on the main page of our site. One of our submitted articles is chosen for that particular month. When our editing is taking place, as we go through each individual article manually, we will also choose the candidates for the "Article of the Month".

6. also gives you access to other products, like free softwareÙs, eBooks, reports and PLR articles, with the intention to help you make more money offline or online.

7. ArticleNorth Amazon Store, is our online store for you, for easy access to important books in the fields that we represent. We also have a bi-monthly Newsletter with one month's free trial and then a very low monthly subscription fee. The Newsletter gives you a variation of benefits, for example: Free software, eBooks, reports, and PLR products. It is also a newsletter with tips and information in the Internet business and health and wellness field.

7.1 ArticleNorth Amazon Store, as mentioned above, is an affiliate of, which is the world's largest online bookstore with around 14,000,000 titles, plus many other products as well, like computers, printers, children's toys, and etcetera. ArticleNorth Amazon Store carries any of the books and products that you will find in the ordinary Amazon store. In addition to this, ArticleNorth Amazon store has created specialized departments within the niches mentioned above, for example in the Personal Development field, the Law of Attraction field, the Business field, etcetera, with the intention to make these products easily accessible to our preferred visitors and customers as well as for specialized offers.

7.2 When you purchase a book or product from our store, you are seamlessly redirected from our website into the payment area. ArticleNorth is therefore in no way connected with your actual payment, since it takes place in the payment area. We do not see your information in the process. You are guaranteed maximum security by as a major worldwide company.

8. ArticleNorth's foremost goal is to give our visitors and members a most reliable and pleasant experience while you are visiting our website. We aim at providing a top quality service to the Internet community worldwide, and our intention is to be the #1 long-term article directories and service resource choice online in our three main niches, for our visitors and members all over the world.

Copyright ©2007 ArticleNorth. All Rights Reserved.
Death Valley, California and feeling fine.


Who we are
9. ArticleNorth's online community and market is worldwide, primarily English speaking countries like the US, UK, Canada and Australia. No matter, whoever they may be, are most welcome to use our service and make their contribution to our database of articles and to our link directory. As long as they follow our guidelines and TOS. Look for these links on every page. consists of ArticleNorth internal team with more than twenty years of publishing experience offline and and more than ten years of publishing experience online, both in traditional off line magazine and book publishing as online publishing in books, health and wellness and internet marketing. ArticleNorth directories also consists of external freelancers and contributors online.

Terms of Use
10. By using ArticleNorth directory and by getting involved with on line community, you can publish your articles and get fresh quality content. You can also be linked and links via our link directory. This will give you free traffic organically over time, through natural optimization via links to and from As a visitor or member of our community, you will also get constantly changing bonuses and gifts of software's, eBooks, etc. By using as a writer, publisher, webmaster, visitor or member and making it a part of your homeland community online, you will be on the 'inside' and avoid being scammed. Please read our submission guidelines and TOS for the use of our article directory and website.

11. refer our visitors and members to products and programs on this site we have researched to have real value. When you buy products or programs from the links we provide, we get a commission on each sale, but - you are of course free to ignore these promotions and may unsubscribe from your membership at anytime.

Changes of Interface - IMPORTANT Information for You. Please Read
12. has changed its earlier interface of the article directory. Ever since we started less than three years ago, we provided a free service globally on the Internet. As we continued to grow, we concluded to develop our system even more. This means that we have changed our earlier system to a partly paid monthly based service for the article submissions. The charge is for our administrative and maintenance costs and there are no contracts. You can cancel anytime.

12.1 This means that you will have the choice to pay for a monthly credit points pass, as of now, after which each one of your articles is reviewed, edited, approved or declined manually by us, by a professional real human being.

12.2 With these changes follows that we also aim to make it even more attractive for you to visit our website and submit your articles especially to ArticleNorth directory. We have therefore decided to approve or decline the articles in only one business day - at most 24 hours, compared to 72 hours the earliest, as before.

12.3 With only one days or 24 hours hold, you will not have to worry for your article to go "cold" before it is published. This can also be useful for articles about subjects like holidays for example, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, etcetera, where you want your articles to be published as soon as possible and not weeks after the holiday in question. Furthermore, with only one business day's hold of your article, you will be ahead of other article writers who use other directories.

You can learn about even more benefits of using ARTICLE NORTH directory here. Please also read our newly extended "Our goal" section above at the beginning of this web page, where you'll get a glimpse of the inside work that takes place at's "back"- and "front offices" daily. We would also like to hear from you what you think. We really appreciate your feedback!

The changes do not affect the membership as such. It will only affect the submissions and publishing of your articles and other Web2.0 content that we will publish for you. We have implemented credit points systems where you can purchase, as of now, a monthly credit points pass for a price, suitable for everyone. You purchase a credit points pass for articles that you want us to publish in our directory and network. The transfer of our new Credit point Web2.0 Content Management System (CMS) took place in May 2008. With the new system, other wonderful benefits and features follow automatically. Read on...

Submit content. Content is truly king for increasing your traffic effectively using search engines. It is a breeze for you to register and submit content in seconds.

You will be able to create Articles News and Blogposts with our new complete content management system, that is extremely flexible. Publish articles, make your own blog post, an online newspaper, a school scrapbook - how you use ArticleNorth is only limited by your own creativity and imagination.

Contributors can now submit multi-page articles.You can now submit multi-page full-length articles.

Unlimited article pages. You will be able to break articles into multiple pages, which not only makes it easier for online reading. It is a well-known optimization fact that the more pages your content has, the better its ranking in the search engines.

Mark your article as a draft version so that it will not be considered for approval yet. If you want to work with your article later, just check this box on your submission page and the editor will not edit, approve or decline your article until you are done.

Upload a podcast with your articles or blog postsYou will now be able to upload a pod cast to your articles and blog posts. This is valuable if you want to give your readers extra value about your information. It can be an interview with a mentor, coach or writer. It can be a recorded teleclass or seminar, or even a piece of music. The choice is yours.

Integrated Favorites and "Articles to Read" Lists. You will easily be able to keep a list of articles that you want to read using ArticleNorthÙs built-in ”Add to Favorites” and ”Add to ÙArticles to ReadÙ” options. You can then access these lists whenever you return to our web site, without needing to login or create an account.

Upload an image about your article, into your article's summary box or/and a photo of yourself in our new author's box.

Write a biography presentation of yourself in your profile. This means that when a visitor looks up your articles, he/she will not only be able to find the summaries of all of your articles, your photo but also your biography.

"My Account" feature. Allows you to update your name, email address and biography quickly and easily without requiring permission from the administrator.

Archived content. Content in ArticleNorth is never removed from the site unless we specifically delete it. Old news and blogs are automatically archived and articles are always accessible from their respective categories. This means your content is always easily accessible to the search engines.

Article series. Several articles links automatically in a "chain" to form a complete article series where you can jump from one article to the next.

Smart content searching. You can search your articles, news and blogs with any of the three powerful search methods built into ArticleNorth's new system: smart search, phrase search and word search.

Syndicate your content automatically. ArticleNorth now allows you to share your content with the world by automatically generating separate RSS syndication feeds for your articles, news and blogs.

Per-category RSS feeds. ArticleNorth new system displays RSS feeds on a per-category basis as before as well.

RSS syndicate option, allowing other webmasters to link directly to our top 10 articles or category specific articles in seconds. The list is updated on their site as soon as any content is added on our site instantly.

Works in all popular, modern browsers. Never be afraid of that this system will not work with your browser. ArticleNorth will now work in all modern web browsers on Windows, Linux and Mac, including Internet Explorer and Mozilla.

Search engine friendly links. ArticleNorth's new system generates 100% search engine friendly links and an automated search engine friendly sitemap, meaning that your articles, blog posts or news items are crawled and indexed in its entirety by Google, Yahoo and all other search engines.

Article Ratings and Spam-Free Comments. We will now accept your ratings and Spam-free comments on your articles by taking advantage of our new system's built-in CAPTCHA system. Never again will we have to deal with hundreds of Spam comments on our web site.

Multiple articles per category / multiple categories per article. Your content can be organized into separate categories, and each article can appear in multiple, unlimited categories (editor's choice).

Get a complete breakdown of our site with powerful stats. ArticleNorth's new system provides dozens of useful statistics, including most viewed pages, popular categories and articles, number of blog entries, most discussed articles, most popular authors and much more.

Intuitive visitors panel. With the integrated visitorsÙ panel, you can easily keep a list of favorite articles, print or email content that you are interested in; contribute comments and ratings and much more.

Even if you choose to Not become a member at ArticleNorth, you will still be able to participate in our community by reading articles, news and blogs. You can email your preferred articles to a friend. You can also print them out right here from this site. You can also give Spam free comments and ratings of our articles and blogs as a non-member. Moreover, you can syndicate your favorite articles or categories and spread the word about them by adding them to your preferred Reader. However, this is not all!

As a non-member you can also mark your favorite articles to a special folder or box right here at our site - AND you can mark the articles you want to read later to a special box or folder. These folders or boxes are saved for you by our system, and displayed right here on Your Own ArticleNorth Homepage dor you only, so that you will be able to come back later to read them at any time you return to this web site, without having to log in as a member!

Search Engine Friendly Features

ArticleNorth's new system has been designed with search engine optimization in mind. Specific features for your benefit are added so that the popular search engines (including Google and Yahoo) can find and index your content with ease.

Static URL's. Many other article management systems rely on complex, long query strings in their URL's that can look something like Our system uses static URL's that look like this: This makes it infinitely easier to read for both search engines and humans alike, and will increase your search engine rankings dramatically.

Keyword rich URL's. Along with static URL's, our new system includes the title of the article in the URL, increasing your pages relevance to the keywords in the article title.

Keyword rich titles. The title of a HTML page is rated highly for relevance with search terms used on the search engines, in particular Google and Yahoo. By combining the keyword rich URL's as well as automatically inserting the article title into our pages titles, your keyword density improves dramatically.

Search Engine Friendly Links. Generates 100% search engine friendly links and an automated search engine friendly sitemap, meaning that your articles, posts or news is crawled and indexed in its entirety by Google, Yahoo and all other search engines.

Search Engine Optimized Content. Every page on our new system site is optimized for high search engine rankings. All links to categories, articles, news, blogs and pages are also in a search engine friendly format, such as articles/1017/Page1.html instead of articles.php?articleId=1017.

These are new features and its benefits that automatically follow with our new credit point system. Welcome abord!

Talk to you soon,
ArticleNorth directories
Owner, - We offer the best article directory service, now having close to 100,000+ articles by 29 000+ writers, which are edited manually in 632 categories. We will feature one of your articles as the article of the month. Other benefits include full exposure of the article for a month and links on the main page free. We are also a provider of online business information via tons of videos and reviews of top quality business programs. Our coaching programs can help you a lot in personal development and teach you the trends in this field. The services of can be availed in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Asia.





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